Tijuana and San Diego, Get Ready for Warmer Weather as Winter Is Makes an Exit

Good news for those who can't stand wearing a lot of clothes to keep warm

We have bad news for people who enjoy cold days with a delicious coffee and a warm sweater, and good news for those who enjoy higher temperatures.

Starting this Tuesday, March 7, temperatures in Tijuana, San Diego and the rest of the Baja coastal area will rise a little bit but only enough to not feel cold as in past days. According to forecasts by the National Weather Service, it is expected a temperature among the 82 °F for the rest of the week.

We all know that in our beloved city that means a weather that will feel like 87 °F, perfect for all the people who enjoy the warm weather without reaching the extremes.

As you can see in the picture, temperatures will drop for the weekend but it will still be warm enough to enjoy the rest days.

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