Almost 61% of Tourism in Tijuana Is Foreign

The city has regained its appeal to US citizens

The presence of more Americans in the streets of Tijuana is not a mirage, according to the Baja Tourism MInistry (Secture, in Spanish), the city is welcoming back American tourists but unlike some years ago, food is now the main attraction and not so much the nightlife.

Of the millions of tourists Tijuana received in 2016, 39% came from the rest of Mexico, while 61% were foreigners, mainly from California while others came from other U.S. states and from countries outside the Americas.

Despite the fact that last year Tijuana was among the least friendly cities in the world, 83% of Tijuana’s tourists prefer staying in homes of family and friends instead of staying in a hotel.

In addition, people who visit the city are not very happy with the public transport service and their perception of public safety. However at least 72% of the people of the tourists recommend visiting Tijuana.

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