These 3 Things from Playas de Tijuana Will Surprise You if You Haven't Gone for a While

All of this was new for me after not visiting for one year...

TIJUANA.- Personally, I enjoy taking walks to the beach, and not necessarily going into the water. The local currents are usually too cold for me (plus a bit polluted recently); however, walking or laying on the sand can be very pleasant.

Despite this, I had a little more than a year of not going Tijuana's coast, which is does have for those of you wondering. It's aptly named Playas de Tijuana, you can find a few surprises some days, some elements that were not there before or that I haven't had the opportunity of noticing.

If you, like me, have a lot of time without going to this beach, you might be surprised by these:

1.- The Sand Wall of Love

As I walked to the left side of the beach a little more, right below the Fire and Rescue Station, I found Mr. Pedro, who every summer in the last three years has filled a small cliff with art and love. For $150 pesos (8.00 dlls) or $200 pesos (11.00 dlls), you can ask Pedro to carve you a heart or something that, for you, represents eternal love, such as the Virgin of Guadalupe.

2.- Monopark

I had already seen the recreational area they created on beaches near the border with the United States, which has been there for a few years, but not the sports area that was installed by the OXXO convenience store there, right next to the stage located in The Malecon. Here people attend very early to exercise and you can even find machines for people who are in wheelchairs.

3.- Something Unknown

At the open-air stage on the Malecon de Tijuana, you will find in the middle of the sand what seems to be the old pier that was part of this beach, although we are not sure what it might be. What do you think?

Have you come across other surprises or changes in this or other places in the city? Tell us about it!

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