52 KOOL: A Place in Tijuana Where Tradition Speaks for Itself

In this new restaurant of Tijuana "there are no limits," and that's what the founders of "52 KOOL" think, and by doing that, they are positionating the city in a whole different level with its concept of Mexican cuisine.

Less than two months since its opening, this restaurant has already become a trademark spot in the city. Its fame has been earned on their own thanks to their kitchen, where dishes with excellent presentation have caught the attention of those who have quickly become frequent customers.

Located in what before was "Caza Club", "52 KOOL" maintains elements of the previous restaurant, which are renewed to offer a pleasant service with dishes that go beyond the traditional preparations.

The experience, support, and ideas behind this project come from other restaurants such as "CRETA" and "FarNiente Caffe", both located in "Telefónica Gastro Park", as well as "Odisea", located in the Guadalupe Valley.

Photo: Ángel García".
Photo: Ángel García".

The friendship that reigns among the members, the ideas and proposals, gradually built the concept that now stands out among the other gastronomic offerings of the city.

52 KOOL has been recognized by major publications as one of the must see places in Tijuana.

In their kitchen they seek the construction of their history, their identity, based on the different influences of cuisines from other regions, just like the social movement that keeps the city of Tijuana in a constant transformation.

"Here we offer what we like, and what we would like others to consume it," said Juan Pablo Vázquez, the manager, who collaborated with "Caza Club" and left "Corazón de Tierra" to return to Tijuana to open "52 KOOL", a formula that has worked thanks to the friendship that unites them.

Photo: Ángel García/ SanDiegoRed.com
Photo: Ángel García/ SanDiegoRed.com

KOOL, the essence of our ancestors

Although it seems the name is related with the word "Cool," the origin goes beyond, because is a reference to the Mayan culture where KOOL means "Milpa,"the place destined to harvest corn grain, an ingredient that stands out in the menu.

On the other hand the number "52" is related to the international dialing code of Mexico.

What is the legacy of traditional Mexican cuisine in this restaurant? You can ask for the traditional "quesadillas without queso/cheese," which are stuffed with beef belly, accompanied by a rich molcajete sauce.

Photo: Ángel García
Photo: Ángel García

Smoked and tasty creations

Among the star chefs of the restaurant you can find chef Oswaldo Flores, who's taste for the grill and smoked dishes contributes to a different preparation of the protein.

The flavor that certain ingredients get when they're cooked in the grill give another meaning to dishes, just what happens with the Mexican risotto with guajillo chili, where the chicken goes through a whole process of cooking to finally get the "smoky" result.

More than food

If you drink, the nice bar made of green geometric mosaics is ready for you with high cocktail drinks, craft beers, agave distillates and great variety of wines.

More than 30 wine labels from the Valley and other countries are available, while among the distillates you can find mezcales, tequila, rum and sotol, to mention a few.

In the craft beers we can find great variety, highlighting those of Cervecería Insurgente.

All this with the benefits of contemporary design that make 52 KOOL a pleasant place where different pieces of art by local artists stand out among the spaces of the place.

Photo: Ángel García
Photo: Ángel García

Location: Miguel Aleman Valdez 2612, Colonia América
Tijuana, Baja California C.P. 22400

Reservations: 664 686 3361

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Translated by:cristina.mora@sandiegored.com


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