Sophia: The First Minor Who Legally Changes Her Name and Gender in Mexico

She's only 6 years old

Photo by: Ledeser

Sophia is a Mexican girl of six years old who was born as boy, and now is the first person in Mexico's history to legally change their name and gender without having to go to a court to prove its transexual identity.

According to an interview with her mother for EFE Noticias, Sophia discovered she felt more like a girl, because she prefered to wear dresses and play with dolls since she was very small, so her parents decided to make the legal changes.

She did not have to undergo interrogations with judges, psychologists or doctors to corroborate her gender, which facilitated the process, but was also loaded with stormy scenarios at her young age.

Like that one time she dressed like Frozen's "Elsa" for her birthday number 4, which caused jokes and laughter from her friends and classmates

In the Civil Registry of Mexico City, it is forbidden to transform these aspects into the birth certificates, but with the help of the Strategic Litigation in Sexual and Reproductive Rights Organization (Ledeser), and the group Ser Gay, they were able to carry out the corresponding procedures.

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