Warm Days and Very Cold Nights for Tijuana This Week

Summer in the daytime and Winter in the night

Weather forecasts for this week in Tijuana are a bit varied, with days that apparently will be very hot, but nights that will remind us Winter is here.

The National Meteorological System indicates that we will have sunny days, being Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the highest with temperatures of 80ºF and similar conditions throughout the week. The funny thing is that as mentioned, the nights will be quite cold with up to 46 ºF.

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On the other hand, meteored.mx indicates that although temperatures will be similar, the city will not reach those 80ºF, but only 78ºF as maximum and the nights will be between 57ºF, while on Thursday, the temperature at night will be of 46ºF. In this way it is confirmed that although it is not an official Summer heat, they will continue to be warm days.

Yep, another week of weird weather. Welcome to Tijuana.

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Translated by: cristina.mora@sandiegored.com


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