Renovation Work on Calle Sexta To be Completed the Second Week of January

The renovation works of "La Sexta" were delayed due to complications with the pipes that had to be changed, which means that the new aspect of the street will be ready until the second week of January.

The project includes the change of appearance of both sides of the street, where sidewalks and facades of some places have been completely changed.

Francisco Patiño, director of Planning and Investment Promotion of the Ministry of Tourism, told Frontera newspaper that due to the fire that occurred on Av. Revolución a few weeks ago, the pipes in the area were damaged by the pressure used to put it down, causing setbacks in the process.

It was last August when changes on this street were announced, which involved the expansion of the sidewalk, underground electrical system, and an installation of urban furniture: benches, trash cans, and new luminaires.

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