Check the Best Valentine's Day Promos in Tijuana

Hurry because many would only be available today!

Photo by: Instagram @mtzvic_73

TIJUANA.- OK, maybe you hate Valentine's, but do you hate promos too? You better think it through, because the city has a lot of of good treats for you and your friends to celebrate this day.


  • Where? Any McDonald's in the city
  • When? Just today
  • Promo: 4 cheeseburgers + Mcpotatoes with cheese for $80 pesos or $4.00 dlls
  • More information: Obtain the promo coupon here

Match Pizza

  • Where? Blvd. Aguacaliente 11999 Galerías Hipódromo, Local #206
  • When? From Feb. 14 to Feb 17
  • Promo: Go with your favorite person, buy a pizza, and get a smaller but sweet pizza (dessert)
  • More information: here


  • Where? Blvd. Sánchez Taboada 4499-1 Zona Río
  • When? Only today
  • Promo: Get a coupon for a free bottle of wine from the house, only if you're with 4 friends or with your couple.
  • More information: here


  • Where? Av Defensores de Baja California 250 Colonia Ruiz Cortinez
  • When? All February
  • Promo: 2 appointments for just $35.00 dlls
  • More information: here


  • Where? Fresco, Plaza Fiesta Paseo de los Héroes

  • When? From Feb 14 to Feb. 17

  • Time: 8:00 pm

  • Promo: Free pizza on Wednesday. Friday 2x1 drinks
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