Baja California

Aerospace Sector Rejects New Collection System In Electric Tariffs

Receives a response from the Secretary of Energy

The new tariff scheme issued by the Energy Regulation Board (CRE for its acronym in Spanish) and the formulas authorized by the Ministry of Real Estate and Public Credit (SHCP for its acronym in Spanish) to determine the price of electricity have represented a severe hit to the industrial sector in the state and uncertainty with regards to new investments.

On January 12th, Tomas Sibaja, President of the Baja California Aerospace Cluster A.C., sent an email to the Mexican President and the Secretary of Energy, in which he expressed rejection towards the uncontrolled increase of electric rates of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE for its acronym in Spanish), which went into effect as of December 2017 in Baja California.

In representation of these companies, the Baja California Aerospace Cluster argued that they cannot accept this increase in a unilateral manner without an evaluation of the negative impact of the competitiveness of this strategic sector in Mexico, which looks for long term projects. In addition, he warned that there is some uncertainty regarding expansion projects and new investments in the country.

“For the past 50 years, we have made great contributions to our state and to Mexico with regards to the development of.... Continue reading article here

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