Hung Over??? Find the remedy for your headache

"No Beers" "No Micheladas" This bartender has the cure for your hangover

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A lot of us have gone through the terrible crisis of being hungover , after a night of a lot of alcohol and with that we try to get our best remedies, from another beer to spicy food.

The first thing you can think of is a Michelada, your body is dehydrated so you are thirsty, and you think a cold beer will help, but it’s the worst mistake if you drink more alcohol, you will take longer to recover.

Another way of trying to get rid of this is eating some Spicy Chilaquilles "Corn tortillas soaked in a spicy sauce" this will only makes it worse, like a bomb to your stomach don’t do this.

According to Kevin Dowell a bartender at the Foreign Cinema Bar in San Francisco, CA the best remedy is a Banana Smoothie but not just the simple Banana Smoothie his recipe requires you to have more items in your pantry.

If you’re planning to have a few parties coming up you need to start buying all these ingredients to save you from having a hangover.

1 Banana
1 Spoon of Honey
1 Shot of Espresso

Method of preparation
Add ingredients to blender with lots of ice, serve and drink. You probably don’t want to be eating anything sweet instead you’re thinking that something spicy and citric is better. But let me tell you this method works for it's ingredients that offer exactly what your body needs.

Banana helps soothe the stomach, it’s a fruit that has electrolytes and minerals like magnesium and potassium the Shot of Espresso naturally helps with headache, Milk calms your Digestive System and helps with re-hydration.

But if you want to make this happen sooner substitute milk with Coconut Water, this has more electrolytes and antioxidants it has a lot of potassium and sodium which makes this a miracle smoothie.

Drink the smoothie, take a shower and rest avoid taking any pills your liver is already working extra hours and medications will cause more damage.

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