Rosarito is ready to welcome tourists during Spring Break

Hotels are about 80% fully booked

Spring Break is around the corner, and it’s the break that we all wait for this because we can travel away and have fun. Rosarito Mexico is the ideal place to visit during spring break, we can have the fun, drink and eat.

The parties in Baja California start early and tourists can enjoy walking without fear through its streets. This without mentioning the drinks and music from the different venues.

Recently US Embassy Sent out a security notice to make people aware if they are visiting Mexico during Spring Break the Security Alert is detailed.

Brian a 19 year old said that his first time in the region was good and mentioned that he felt safe knowing he was able to drink on the beach and in the streets knowing that he wasn't going to have problems. "

As of now the Rosarito Hotels are 80% full although they expect to be full by the end of the week.

Every year, thousands of U.S. citizens visit Mexico during Spring Break. While the vast majority of travelers have safe and enjoyable trips.

Vía The Baja Journal

*Translated by Melisa Montiel Valenzuela


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