Enmienda 18 is the alcohol brand 100% from Tijuana

Destilería Agua Caliente honors the history of the city

Honoring the festive tradition that prevailed in Tijuana from the time of the American Prohibition, the distillations of Enmienda 18 were born, offering gin and artisan vodka of very high quality, proudly produced here in Tijuana.


In the craft lab of Destilería Agua Caliente the gin is produced with a mixture of hibiscus flowers full of contemporary spirit. Pedro Hoyos, founding partner and distiller, is in charge of this handmade process that is almost ritual.

The Enmienta 18 brand has managed, in a short time, to present itself as a new member not only of the growing movement of mixology in the city, but also of the renowned gastronomic guild of Baja California. Thanks to the quality of their product and great design of its label and bottle, they are looking forward for a great and competitive future in the industry on this side of the border.

Its history, like many in Tijuana, is a review of the classic entrepreneurial character that characterizes the inhabitants of the border cities of Baja California. Together with their business partners, they began the experiments to distill, firstly, just for fun. But they produced their first Bourbons distilled with corn, they began an invisible link with the spirit of those times when Tijuana vibrated between music, dance and bets: those glorious twenties of the time of the Prohibition in the United States.

In essence, the development of Tijuana remains strongly linked to that era - it is easy to explain the influence today - that the distillers sought a way for their brand to honor that golden age. So, in the craft lab of Fritz Torres was born not only the name Enmienda 18, remembering the historical episode in 1918 when the United States Constitution was modified to prohibit the sale of alcohol in that country, but the logo with the minaret, witness of the time when the old Casino Agua Caliente operated and flourished .

Today the brand has perfected its process, betting on gins and vodkas to satisfy the thirst of an avid market. They use ingredients of the region such as rosemary, pink pepper and citrus such as orange and tangerine to give a special touch to its contemporary distillates.

To try the gin or vodka of Enmienda 18 on the rocks, it’s a tasting of braves and experts. But it is possible to find other versions elaborated by mixologists and bartenders from places like the famous Lugar de Nos in Tecate, or local spaces such as Misión 19 - favorite place of Anthony BourdainTras Horizonte (by Kokopelli) , Orix Capital and Nórtico , where You will be surprised by his creations and beautiful presentations that fall in love not only with the palate, but with the spirit .



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