Mexico registers 32 thousand 014 deaths due to coronavirus

In the national panorama update, 268 thousand and eight cases of COVID-19 were counted

Photo by: PixxlTeufel Vía Pixabay

On July 7th, the epidemiological overview update was given, as it has been done every afternoon since March, where statistics of the last 24 hours on the coronavirus situation in Mexico were released.

The head of Epidemiology, José Luis Alomía, presented the updated statistics on the course of COVID-19 in our country. Mexico has a total of 268 thousand and 008 cases of coronavirus, of which only 26 thousand 557 are active ones. In addition, there are 32 thousand and 014 woeful deaths due to this virus.

The update showed that the statistics follow the trend of recent days: the states with the highest number of infections are Mexico City and the State of Mexico.

Baja California was in 3rd place for several weeks, however, this has changed and now has more than 51% of hospital availability in general beds, while in critical beds only 37%.

We remind you that the epidemiological traffic light is still red and in order to change the traffic light now the positivity index is taken into account, that is, the percentage of positive performed tests.

The head of Epidemiology called on the people to contribute to society and to follow the sanitary measures established since the National Safe Distance Period began.

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