Mexico with 7 thousand 280 new coronavirus cases

The total number of nationwide cases increased to 282 thousand 283

Photo by: pixundfertig vía unsplash

Today, more than a month after the start of the "new normal" in Mexico, the Department of Health delivered the daily update on the course of the coronavirus in our country.

In the presentation, led by the head of Health, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, and by the head of Epidemiology, Jose Luis Alomia, data from the last 24 hours was given, an increase of confirmed cases in a 24 hour period was evident (making it a new record).

Our country has now 7 thousand 280 new cases of coronavirus, and a total of 730 woeful deaths were added as a result of this virus.

In total, Mexico has 282 thousand 283 confirmed cases. So far there have been 33 thousand 526 deaths, however, there are still more than 2 thousand questionable COVID-19 related deaths.

The high rate of hospital occupancy continues in most of the country: almost all states have 50% of availability except for the most affected states such as Mexico City, State of Mexico and Sonora. On the other hand, although Baja California has more than 45% of general hospital beds available, it is the state with the highest occupancy of ventilator beds.

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