San Ysidro merchants disappointed with border restrictions

San Ysidro Chamber of Commerce feels ignored by the current administration's decision

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Today the San Ysidro Chamber of Commerce issued a statement from its official website, where they highlight that they are very disappointed with the decision taken by the current U.S. administration to continue with the border restrictions.

They stated that their petitions have been ignored despite the fact that more than 6 thousand families who have a business or work in one in San Ysidro will be seriously affected. This organization has been fighting for several months for the Tijuana-San Diego border to be opened again.

In a previous press release they informed that if the border was not opened for the Christmas season many businesses would cease to exist since for them there was never, in reality, an economic reactivation since their greatest income depends on tourists who cross the border.

On the other hand, they have reached several agreements with associations who will provide assistance to businesses that are in trouble and are about to close: "Please contact us before closing, we will do everything in our power to help you", they added.

If you are one of those businesses here you can find more information:

Message from the U.S. Embassy in Mexico:


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