"The result of loosing up measures": 604 active cases are registered in Baja California

The state reported 386 new cases in the last 24 hours

Photo by: Archivo SDR

"The result of loosing up measures", this is how the Secretary of Health of Baja California, Alonso Pérez Rico began his daily report regarding the COVID-19 cases.

As of this Wednesday morning, the state has 604 active cases, of which 271 are located in Mexicali, 127 in Tijuana, 111 in Ensenada, 47 in Tecate, 33 in San Quintín, nine in Rosarito and six in San Felipe.

In addition to these figures, in the last 24 hours the entity reported 386 new cases of coronavirus, of this total 140 were registered in Tijuana, while 104 belong to Mexicali, 75 to Ensenada, 33 to San Quintín, 27 to Tecate and seven to Rosarito.

Thus, today Baja California has 24 thousand 849 accumulated positive cases, with Mexicali being the most affected municipality, with 11 thousand and 43 of these cases.

Pérez Rico also indicated that 25 Baja Californians lost their lives due to this disease in the last 24 hours, 16 of them were Tijuana residents, eight Mexicali residents and one from Ensenada. In total, there are 4 thousand 166 unfortunate deaths caused by COVID-19.

To date, 149 patients have been intubated and 331 hospitalized patients have been confirmed with the current coronavirus.

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