San Diego Chamber of Commerce asks to lift restrictions on border with Mexico

Restrictions continue until Feb. 21, it's been almost a year since they were initiated.

Photo by: Cámara de Comercio de San Ysidro

Restrictions between the U.S.-Mexico border will continue at least until February 2021, almost a year since Mexicans with tourist visas were last allowed to enter the United States. However, there does not seem to be a date for a return to that "old normal".

For this reason, the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce has called for the lifting of these restrictions, as they continue to affect retail trade and tourism in the region, mainly small businesses:

"Industries that have already been critically affected by the pandemic. The Chamber has called for the restrictions to be lifted as businesses in our region have taken the brunt of the impact and a growing number of small businesses are closing their doors permanently." they said in a statement on their official website.

They added that the restrictions at land ports of entry are limited only to essential matters having to do with medical situations, and that the Center for Disease Control's implementation of requiring a COVID-19 test for international travelers will also affect tourism.

For the time being, we can only hope that with the implementation of the vaccines, the number of cases and hospitalizations will be reduced on both sides of the border, so that by the end of February, when the border entry update will take place, there is a possibility that crossings will resume.

Border News: 4th Week of January 2021


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