Plaza Rio becomes pet friendly

You can bring your pet on your next visit to Plaza Rio.

Photo by: Plaza Río/quokkabottles

Do you visit Plaza Rio frequently and have a pet? We have excellent news for all those who love their dogs and like to take them from one place to another, because it turns out that the plaza located in Zona Rio has become pet friendly and invites you to visit them along with those special members of your family.

The Plaza made this news known through its Facebook page where it published the following promo:

Although they do not establish some basic rules, here are some tips to avoid mishaps with your pet and others on your next visit to Plaza Rio:

1.- Take your pet out of the house on a leash or a lead.
2.- Try to have some kind of identification on its collar.
3.- Take plastic bags with you, every time your pet wants to go to the bathroom, you can pick them up.
4.- Take a bag of his favorite treats with you, in case it gets out of control, this will be an excellent means of control.
5.- At the end of its walk, try to clean its paws with soap and water, since we are still in a pandemic and we don't know what could be left on its paws.

Border News 4th week of February 2021


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