"Oxxo Kid'' shoots Burger King's ad campaign in Tijuana

After starring in a funny joke in Tik Tok, Elias Navarro, a native of Rosarito, will be the new image of Burger King.

Elias Navarro, better known as the ''Oxxo Kid" reappeared in social networks now as a cashier of the famous fast food company "Burger King", announcing that he will be part of the new advertising campaign of the restaurant.

After starring in a funny comedy video where Elias pretended to be an Oxxo cashier and sold some condoms to his friend, Daniel Morales, both became popular, becoming a phenomenon on social media and sparking the creation of a large number of memes.

In a video uploaded in the channel Elias Luzanilla Oficial, the minor appears recording the company's commercial, making the typical gesture that launched him to fame on the internet, and even inviting Tijuana residents to visit the Burger King located on Salinas Boulevard, because even though the advertising campaign will be directed to Costa Rica, Navarro lives in Rosarito and it was not possible for him to travel there, so it was decided to record the campaign in Tijuana.

During the video we can see Morales helping in the production of the ad and joking about the event saying that "He was fired from Oxxo and now he is working at Burger King".

Vladimir Monestel, marketing director at Burger King Costa Rica, stated that the idea was born in the Caribbean country, so they decided to contact Navarro and Morales, who agreed to a negotiation and recorded several video contents to be used as advertising material for the company.

Through social media, Burger King decided to make public its unique and funny new campaign, causing millions of reactions in networks and reviving the funny joke of Elias now known as "Oxxo Kid".

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