New projects will be sought to improve Tijuana's image.

Municipal authorities mentioned that in order to take care of the local, national and foreign tourism, it is also necessary to establish an Urban Image Regulation.

At the facilities of the Tijuana Tourism and Convention Committee (Cotuco), the board of directors of businessmen, represented by Carlos Vicente Cruz Archundia, met with officials of the Tijuana City Hall and asked them to carry out projects that favor the city in upcoming issues such as the founding of Tijuana, when it is intended to hold a Tourism Expo, as well as the planning of Congresses.

The municipal authority emphasized the importance of Development and Mobility in the city to take care of local, national and foreign tourism, reason for which an Urban Image Regulation must be established, since there are areas in very good conditions, while others are in total abandonment, which does not favor the municipality.

The local government wants to provide a new image to the city and strengthen the pedestrian project where people can cross on foot to the United States, also with a view to implementing a bicycle program like the one that exists in Mexico City (CDMX).

The dialogue between both parties also resulted in the coordination of efforts to request from the state government part of the resources of the Lodging Tax (ISH), participations to which Cotuco has access, of which, about 60 million pesos correspond to the local office of the Tourism Committee, as part of the fund that for years they have not received and prevents them from carrying out some of their relevant activities.

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