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San Diego event to give away children's books during the weekend

As every year Children's Book Party association will be giving away books to children

Photo by: BrickRedBard vía pixabay

An event organized by the Children's Book Party of San Diego will be giving away books for children next Saturday, April 24 at The Voice and Viewpoint Newspaper, located at 3619 College Avenue in San Diego.

From their website they shared that this is the 38th year in which they organize this event, this means that around one million books have been offered to children who attend this event, where they will not only have a free book to choose from, but also some refreshments and snacks to share with their companions.

The association is dedicated to organizing "book parties" throughout most of the year. This occurs in a variety of locations, from low-income housing complexes, emergency shelters to children's clubs and neighborhood parks. Their mission is to gain access wherever children are present to introduce them to reading.

"Our mission is to plant the seed of literacy in children by providing them with books in hopes that they will start their own personal libraries."

However, the event for which they are mostly known is the big "book party" held annually. At that event, the little ones enjoy cultural entertainment, refreshments and free books. The best part is that the event is free of charge. So, what do you say, will you attend this event?

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