Due to increase in COVID-19 cases, city council implements sanitation measures in swap meets

Take-out food service is implemented

Due to an increase in cases of COVID in the State of Baja California, it has been decided to implement new health measures in two of Tijuana's swap meets, Presidentes and Valle Vista.

The warning for both areas of the city was notified after the head of the Secretariat of Health, Alonso Perez Rico, released the weekly report of the neighborhoods with the highest rate of infections in Tijuana.

According to the instructions issued by the state authority, the merchants of the swap meet markets of the two areas considered as red hot spots must continue with the strict use of masks, antibacterial gel and a healthy distance.

In addition to the basic protocol measures to avoid the spread of the virus in the tianguis that are installed during the weekend, the consumption of food in the food stands is prohibited, since they only authorized take-out sales until there is no other indication.

According to the statistical report, the municipality, with the consent of the State, temporarily suspends dance floors and the opening of closed halls for the organization of events, as well as the restriction of 50 percent of capacity in bars, casinos and garden type event halls.

The municipality continues with the application of precautionary measures for the permanent care of the population and to avoid the increase of cases that could provoke a new closing of spaces that, according to business leaders of formal and informal commerce, many businesses could not withstand a second closing.

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