Ministry of Mobility plans to implement a children's road school in Tijuana

Authorities seek to raise awareness among adult drivers with the help of the youngest members of the household.

The Secretariat of Sustainable Mobility (SEMOV) is organizing a project titled "Children's Driving School", which will have as its main purpose to provide practical and safe road safety education to children in the state from an early age.

There are two sites for the construction of the project, which is equivalent to 8 thousand 500 square meters of surface; one could be the Morelos Park or as a second option the La Amistad Park. The first has a zoo and an artificial lake with different species of animals. The second, founded on July 26, 1978, located in the Otay Centenario district, has 12 kiosks for parties, palapas (palm roofs) equipped with grills, an open-air theater and a lake.

Just as adults receive a course prior to obtaining their driver's license, SEMOV intends that children, divided into groups of 3 to 6 and 7 to 10 years of age, participate in these courses where they will receive basic information that will help them to be good drivers in the future. The basic topics to be taught are the meaning of road signs, basic safety rules, the importance of pedestrian crosswalks, as well as the colors of traffic lights.

In order to obtain their license, the children will be programmed to drive the units for a maximum of 20 minutes, in a circuit where only 5 to 10 electric cars, which will be recharged with solar cells, can circulate. With the children's driving school, the children will learn about good habits through playful activities and it is intended that they will be the key tool to make adults aware of the way they drive in the city.

When children pass their " Mobility School" test, they will receive their driver's license in a symbolic and, if possible, personalized way. This document will entitle them to drive their vehicle on the designed track. It will be used first by the children of the Sistema para el Desarrollo Integral de la Familia (SDIF), then by those belonging to the Secretariat of Municipal Public Education (SEPM), then by members of other institutions and finally by visitors in general.

The vehicles for the children will be equipped with the necessary protective measures such as seat belts, turn signals and rear-view mirrors. In addition, there will be instructors at all times to supervise and monitor the operation of the vehicles as well as the compliance of the regulations by the young drivers. According to the agency, the track will simulate a public road in small dimensions where habits to be a good pedestrian, a good cyclist and how to travel safely will be reinforced to train students who will take their first steps in the field of urban mobility. It is estimated that the maintenance of the facilities will be self-sufficient, so sponsors and the application of a recovery fee to strengthen the project are being sought out.

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