"President Kabala": AMLO makes a mistake when greeting the U.S. Vice-President

This Tuesday, June 8, Vice President Kamala Harris visited Mexico

Photo by: Andrés Manuel López Obrador en Facebook

The visit of the Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris, has been planned since April, as part of her mission to address the causes of the arrival of migrants to the border; she is also scheduled to visit Guatemala for the same purpose.

This Tuesday, June 8, the Vice President arrived in Mexico and when she greeted President López Obrador, he said: "President Kabala, it's a pleasure.

AMLO made a mistake when saying the name and position, instead of referring to her as vice-president, he said president, and greeted her as "Kabala" instead of "Kamala".

Vice President Kamala Harris did not comment on the matter, she just said "mucho gusto" and that she was happy to be there.

Andrés Manuel shared on social networks that Harris' visit was transcendent, beneficial for both the United States and Mexico and very pleasant.

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