Reduced waiting times reported at border ports of entry, is CBP preparing for reopening?

All indications are that the reopening for non-essential travel across the border is imminent

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For some months now, citizens have reported through different pages such as Como está línea, that they experience incredible waiting times to enter San Diego. This, as explained by the corresponding authorities, is due to closed lines and sometimes migrants gathering to protest.

This has occurred at both pedestrian and automobile checkpoint crossings and is quite a nuisance for citizens who must cross because they have to be at their work place at a certain time. However, in the last few days a decrease in waiting time has been reported.

Even a publication on one of the pages that monitors the checkpoints reported that there were up to 11 lines open in the Ready Lane. And the postings have continued through Wednesday morning. This coincided with the news that the reopening of the checkpoints, if all goes as planned, will occur at the end of July.

Cómo está la línea FB user
Cómo está la línea FB user

For this reason, last week the Mexican President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, informed that the United States would send one million Johnson & Johnson vaccines to speed up the vaccination in the country, in the same statement he shared that he will intensify the vaccination in the border states.

With this news came the fear that the lines would get much worse, as non-essential crossings would resume. However, the agility of the last few days has provided a bit of hope to those who day in and day out must cross the border for work purposes.

VIDEO: Unexpected closure of Tijuana-San Diego border crossing points


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