Marina del Pilar and other elected governors of Mexico will continue the Fourth Transformation

The governor-elect will work together with other states to put an end to the regime of corruption and privileges of previous governments that seek to return to power

In order to achieve the proper development of the Mexican nation, the Governor Elect of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, agreed to work so that the Fourth Transformation continues in the State of Baja California.

This was endorsed jointly with the Head of Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, and the elected governors of MORENA in Guerrero, Colima, Tlaxcala and Campeche.

Sheinbaum Pardo received Marina del Pilar and governors Evelyn Salgado, Indira Vizcaino, Lorena Cuellar and Layda Sansores at the Former City Hall Palace in Mexico City, and after a pleasant chat and sharing breakfast, a joint effort was established to end the regime of corruption and privileges of previous governments that seek to return to power.

Marina del Pilar highlighted the importance of the women leaders uniting with common objectives, since this is a new generation of politicians who believe in honest governments and in strengthening the rule of law through peace, and she urged the women leaders to remain united to move forward with the projects that the country needs.

While the Head of Government presided over a tour of the different rooms of the Museo de Cabildo, she then showed them the new Trolleybus units that will travel the streets of the country's capital, explaining the benefits of these new transportation systems for the care of the environment, energy savings and sustainability.

The Governor-Elect of Baja California agreed with the rest of the "Morenistas" female governors that this meeting is a historic and unprecedented event in the country, since, for the first time, six women from the same party will govern and will have the power and the right to generate a common front for the benefit of the citizens living in their respective states.

Finally, those present highlighted that these are six female governors of the Fourth Transformation, who will work for the regeneration of Mexico's public life, so they are part of a strong bloc that will achieve important objectives, based on the unity of criteria and convictions to build a better country.

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