Pedestrian walkway in Tijuana's Financial Plaza to be upgraded

The 8.5 million pesos project is 30% complete

Photo by: IMPLAN

The Secretariat of Infrastructure, Urban Development and Territorial Reorganization (SIDURT), the Metropolitan Planning Institute of Tijuana (IMPLAN) and the Tijuana City Hall are carrying out a project to modernize the pedestrian walkway at the Financial Plaza.

The construction of $ 8,497,290 pesos has a physical progress of 21% to date, so $ 2,549,290 pesos have been spent 30% of the budget.

This work is intended to be a dignified space for pedestrian circulation where the investment will increase the added value to the public space, as well as the economic activity and the continuous visit of local and international tourism.

The financial zone is unique in our city, it is where medical care buildings, gastronomic service, commerce and above all financial services are concentrated. It is home to HSBC, Banorte, Santander, Banamex, Afirme and Ban Bajio, as well as law and accounting firms.

This project is expected to increase the number of users in the sectors mentioned above, benefiting the city's economy. The services to be provided are as follows:

  • Even surfaces to prevent pedestrian accidents.
  • Urban landscape improvement
  • Motivation to walk and inhibit the displacement of vehicles in the area
  • Illumination that provides safety to users in their journeys
  • Providing people with disabilities with safe infrastructure along their routes

The above is part of the rehabilitation of sidewalks, roadways and improvement of urban equipment in the Zona Rio in order to improve the city's image.

The spacious pedestrian infrastructure currently does not offer any attraction for people who pass through the area, so the proposal is to develop a pedestrian walkway to host cultural and commercial events typical of this city, including:

  • The Book Fair
  • Entijuanarte Cultural Festival
  • Food Truck Fest
  • Street Opera
  • Paella and Wine Festival

Currently these events are hosted in different locations of the city, with the temporary closure of some streets during the festivities, however, sometimes these events far exceed the capacity of the streets where they are usually located, so we seek to take advantage of this underutilized space to give it a new meaning.

The proposal not only contemplates the rehabilitation of the pedestrian walkway, improvements in the urban image and reforestation, but also considers the following program:

  • Attention modules
  • Tents, in a space of approximately 1,875 m2
  • Stages 2 modules with a total seating capacity of 360 people
  • Food Trucks approximately 17 units
  • Table areas
  • Bicycle parking area
  • Street furniture equipment
  • Green fence
  • Toilet modules
  • Lighting

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