Tijuana's Mayor prioritizes the needs of its citizens

Karla Ruiz Macfarland presents Second Government Report

Karla Patricia Ruiz Macfarland, Mayor of Tijuana, presented the Second Government Report, corresponding to the 2020-2021 period, in the central courtyard of the Municipal Palace.

The mayor highlighted that, despite the short period and the global health crisis caused by COVID-19, she focused on the actions that privileged the pursuit of dialogue and peace, in order to reach agreements that would guarantee a key policy to transform Tijuana.

In the presence of councilors and public officials who accompanied her during her term, Ruiz Macfarland assured that presiding and leading a municipality has nothing to do with pettiness or self-interest, but with a passion and a great love for serving, without being corrupted. That was the ideal she pursued and tried to convey through the actions implemented, to address the priorities of a city as complex as this one.

"It is not at all easy to navigate against the current. However, I firmly believe that the vocation to serve must be an inherent quality of all public officials, since the project of which I am a part puts the welfare and needs of the citizens first. This is the fundamental rule of our governmental task", said the municipal president.

Ruiz Macfarland acknowledged that it was a year of hard work and dedication, in which the pursuit of dialogue and conciliation transformed inconveniences into opportunities, for the progress and welfare of all citizens.

As part of her speech, Ruiz Macfarland presented the progress of the 2019-2021 Municipal Development Plan and the results achieved, based on citizen proposals, which helped consolidate the government project she leads.

Of the pillars sustained in the Municipal Plan, she mentioned that, in the Axis of Transparency, the refinancing of the public debt was achieved, after the administration had a minimum financial margin to carry out priority works and services.

In addition, the Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) positioned Tijuana with a sustainable debt, equivalent to a transparent government, which cost less and was more efficient, said the mayor.

Regarding the Security Axis, Ruiz Macfarland affirmed that it is the greatest challenge facing Tijuana, for this reason, she is convinced to work in coordination with the federal and state governments to achieve, with the citizens, the promotion of peace and security in homes, neighborhoods, schools and workplaces.

"Our conviction is clear and firm, everyone has the right to peaceful coexistence and solidarity, to citizen security and to live free of threats, generated by the exercise of the multiple forms of violence and crimes that threaten the right to peace, which drives the work within the institution to be more arduous, "said the first mayor.

In this sense, 60 screens were acquired as part of the "Video Wall C2" project, a program that will strengthen the Command and Control Center with state-of-the-art technology to improve security in the city.

As part of the activities within the Welfare Axis, where inclusion and social cohesion are the pillars, 5 million, 671 thousand 189 pesos were allocated for direct support to cover economic needs or in goods, procedures that were free, efficient and carried out in a transparent manner.

Likewise, different programs were implemented, such as the Mobile Medical Unit, a useful tool during the COVID-19 pandemic. We followed up on the Health Sector Consultative Council and provided assistance through the protection of women who are victims of domestic violence; we carried out community workshops at the municipal level; efforts were made to rehabilitate the municipal libraries, and services were provided by the first Municipal Veterinary Clinic, for the sterilization and adoption of animals.

Similarly, 544 institutional health macro-days were held; other efforts promoted the timely detection of cancer for all; the incentive grew to bring the population closer to psycho-educational sessions; sports infrastructure was built and rehabilitated, especially in areas of poverty and high levels of crime; there were also economic incentives for outstanding athletes, COVID-19 operations at the airport and support for people with mobility problems at the El Chaparral border crossing.

Ruiz Macfarland emphasized that the pandemic impacted all economic sectors, so in the Development and Mobility Axis, the actions undertaken by her government were aimed at providing support to merchants and businessmen.

According to a report by the Secretariat of Economic Development (Sedeti), at the end of 2020, investment grew by 19 percent and employers registered with the IMSS increased by 2.16 percent, which led to the creation of the Tijuana 2021 Economic Reactivation Plan (PRET).

From 2019 to 2021, 165 companies invested 2 billion 236 million dollars, which generated more than 37 thousand jobs to outline the future, a reflection of a key policy to transform Tijuana.

Finally, the first municipal president of Tijuana thanked her family, as well as the people who collaborated in the administration of the XXIII City Hall of Tijuana, and mainly the citizens, for the trust they placed in her and to whom today, with transparency, efficiency and honor, she renders her report.

Karla Ruiz cares for the streets of Tijuana: she will estibe on a clean city


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