Dr. Bautista: a leading immunity therapy specialist

In his more than twenty years of experience he has helped up to 5 thousand patients

Originally from Tijuana and a graduate of the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC), Dr. Carlos Bautista has broken out of the mold in the world of medicine in order to provide his cancer patients with an alternative treatment and prevent them from resorting to invasive treatments.

In 2007 the Tijuana native opened the Immunity Therapy Center (ITC), located in Tijuana on Padre Kino Blvd. #10133, zip code 22010 in Zona Rio, which stands out for providing the highest quality medical attention, and using alternative cancer therapies that are the most effective, natural, the least aggressive and 100% patient-centered.

Alternative treatments in Tijuana

How does he do it? Leaders in alternative therapy like this doctor create a non-invasive treatment plan with less aggressive side effects for their patients.

To do this, Dr. Bautista has not only been certified and has a master's degree in nutrition from UABC, but he has traveled to several countries to study and receive training, to later integrate all of this into the plan that ITC offers.

One of his life's goals is to continue researching alternative comprehensive cancer therapy options and provide more effective natural treatment programs to his patients, as he has observed the enormous potential and efficacy of these other types of therapies.

Immunity Therapy Center

How did his interest in this alternative treatment come about? His father was diagnosed with cancer, so as he watched him suffer from the effects of conventional treatments, he felt compelled to further study alternative cancer treatments.

Today, with more than 20 years of experience working in the medical field and having helped more than 5 thousand people, the renowned doctor continues his work in alternative medicine, not only for those suffering from this disease, but as a tribute to his father.


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