More than 2 thousand Tijuana residents evacuated from the municipal palace during earthquake drill

Civil Protection calls for the promotion of a culture of prevention among citizens

As part of the activities carried out by the XXIII Tijuana City Hall in the framework of the National Civil Protection Day, a drill was carried out with the participation of 2 thousand 115 people who work in 76 public agencies and who were evacuated in order with the help of members of Civil Protection.

The head of Municipal Civil Protection, Marco Antonio Sánchez Navarro, exposed that as a result of the earthquakes, which occurred in 1985 and 2017 in Mexico City, different drills are carried out, since it is important to promote the culture of prevention among citizens, so that they are prepared in any eventuality, and know what to do in case of an earthquake in order to avoid any tragedy.

"We must always be prepared for any eventuality, since we live in a seismic zone, therefore, we have been promoting prevention, because it is not only the telluric tremors, but there have also been incidents with those people who live in areas of greater risk, such as on hillsides or slopes, or in low places that can be flooded, so it is important to prevent," stressed the official.

Sánchez Navarro indicated that the evacuation of the building was done in an average time of 6 minutes 40 seconds, which was a very good time, since there were 98 brigadiers, 21 coordinators and 14 elements of Civil Protection, who were helping the workers to leave the building in order and following the recommendations of: do not shout, do not run, do not push.

After the people left the building, two units of the Tijuana Fire Department, three people from the Urban Administration Directorate (DAU) and two supervisors from Civil Protection reviewed the building's infrastructure to assess damages and prevent future landslides.

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