Marina del Pilar, Governor of Baja California, eats Tijuana's best tacos.

In "El Nuevo Poblano," the governor of Baja California ate some delicious tacos.

Marina del Pilar has spent the last several days as governor of Baja California, focusing on resolving lingering issues in the state government and implementing new regional plans. However, today the president had time to sample some delicious tacos in Tijuana.

It's worth noting that the governor didn't just eat any tacos; he ate the "Best Tacos in Tijuana," which are served by the local taco stand "El Nuevo Poblano."

Video: Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana: ''Tacos El Nuevo Poblano''

The original program of San Diego Red, "Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana," which is given the task of visiting various taquerías to find the best tacos in the city, had previously visited this establishment to check if the reputation of the place as a holder of the most delicious tacos in town were trustworthy or not.

Indeed, the tacos de adobada from "El Nuevo Poblano" were close to obtaining a perfect rating, receiving 9.2 as a final note, thanks mainly to the marinating of the meat, something sweet, but very pleasant on the palate.

On the other hand, the score decreased slightly for their asada tacos, which was 8.7, highlighting the quality and flavor of their tortilla, in addition to the mixture of vegetables and guacamole that seasoned them.

Marina del Pilar has gradually tried to deepen her ties with the people of Baja California since assuming the state presidency. She is constantly involved in various social events to meet the needs and priorities of the population, as she demonstrated recently when He toured several markets on wheels in Tijuana.

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