Marina del Pilar, the Governor of Baja California, had a successful meeting with the US Ambassador.

One of the agreements reached at the summit is to promote BC-made products and provide 15,000 work visas.

Kurt Honold Morales, former mayor of Tijuana and current Secretary of Economic and Innovation for Baja California, described State Governor Marina del Pilar and US Ambassador Ken Salazar as "successful." The purpose of this gathering is to promote trade between the two countries.

The Secretary of State stated that through increasing relations with the neighboring countries, economic activity is sparked by consuming locally produced goods that are shipped north for consumption by Americans.

"For the first time, the state government is advertising items produced in Baja California and consumed in the United States," Honold Morales said.

Because Baja California ranks first in national exports, the entity's head of economy stated that the primary and agriculture sectors would be boosted. Consumption of marine items from the state's vast coastlines, including tuna, lobster, and sea urchin, will also be encouraged.

He said that the Mexicali Valley is known for asparagus and chives, while the San Quintin Valley is known for berries and strawberries. Kurt Honold also unveiled a scheme designed by two nations to provide 15,000 people with work visas.

He recalled that our entity shares a border with California, the state with the most economic dynamism in the United States, and is even considered the world's fifth-largest economy, emphasizing the importance of strengthening relations with our northern neighbors, not only culturally but also commercially.

"We will continue to form strategic alliances in support of the growth of Baja California and its people, as our Governor's goal is to open doors to possibilities and strengthen connections with our neighboring nation," Kurt Honold stated.

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