Marco Antonio Labastida, proud Tijuana native, has been singing for 39 years: Baja Window to the South

This operatic tenor considers the Tijuana community as part of his family

Photo by: Marco A. Labastida Facebook

Baja Window to the South’s goal is to show, recognize, and advertise the diverse talents of those who live in Baja California and have managed to elevate the name of the state all around the world with their accomplishments. An example of this is operatic tenor Marco Antonio Labastida, one of the most important artists of the last few decades.

Marco Antonio is currently in his 39-year anniversary of singing and playing classical guitar. He shared that his love for this art began when he was 11 years old along with his sisters, but had to interrupt it for a while. He only began his career once again when some friends told him what a great voice he has.

This Tijuana native artist has a star in the Tijuana Walk of Fame, and he said that he felt proud to receive an award in the city where his father used to paint so many years ago.

Labastida added that he feels proud to see how the Baja Californian community can share their talents. Being a family man, he said that he not only considers as part of his family his blood relatives, but also his community which he is looking to help with his classes, projects, and songs so that they can be inspired by showing off the talents that exist in the city. This way they get closer as a family and support each other.

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