Man travels from Arizona to Tijuana searching for his stolen dog

He is hoping to locate the dog as soon as possible so it comes back home

Photo by: Rob Sherman & Captura de Google Maps

Love that people have for their pets and vice-versa is unconditional, which is why whenever there’s a situation that puts at risk one of their lives, it can be filled with tension, anxiety, sadness, and worry. These feelings is what Don Sherman is going through right now.

Don is an Arizona resident who, through a Facebook post, shared that his car was stolen at a Circle K located at 8th Avenue in Yuma, Arizona. Besides losing his belongings such as cellphone and laptop, Boo, his three-year-old white Labrador, was also in the car.

After sharing these facts in several of his city’s Facebook groups, claiming that Boo has been a part of their lives for three years, he shared that he goes every day to the park close to where he was stolen until the dog comes back. After several different clues regarding Boo’s whereabouts were given, Don traveled from Arizona to Tijuana hoping to find his four-legged friend.

Don is still looking for Boo, and he is offering a reward so that his partner can come back. He claims that he won’t ask any questions because he only wants to recover his dog and shared this on Yuma’s Facebook group page:

You have my car, my laptop, my phone and numerous other things. None of that matters to me, only my dog. If you want me to beg then I will beg. I beg you please give me my dog back. Please do not hurt him. He is a lover. He especially loves kids as you probably have learned. If anyone reads this that knows who has my dog, please use your influence to get my life returned. Thank you.

This case has reached Abogados Animalistas México, who are asking for community support in order to find Boo. They spoke with Don, who arrived in Tijuana two days ago, claiming that this man’s actions are a lesson of unconditional love. If you have seen Boo or know anything about his whereabouts, please call Don at 928 - 336 - 7642.

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