Secretariat of Health tells you how to prevent accidents at Baja 1000

As part of the celebrations of the traditional off-road races at Baja 1000, the Secretariat of Health recommends taking precautions regarding mobility and traffic

Authorities of the Health Services Jurisdiction in Ensenada issued recommendations in order to create awareness about the risks that can occur due to carelessness in order to avoid injuries due to accidents for those who attend the off-road races of Baja 1000, 2022 Edition.

The head of the Accident Prevention Program, Luis Fernando Gómez Rivas, pointed out that it is of vital importance to avoid risks such as collisions. This is why one must cross the street in corners or look for the safest places to cross the street, as well as make visual contact with drivers before doing so to foresee their movements. In addition, if the traffic light turns green for pedestrians, one must look to both sides of the street and wait for vehicles to stop.

In addition, he encouraged Ensenada natives to take the following precautions during this race such as: not trespassing security barriers that are placed throughout the race track; constantly monitoring minors and not leaving them alone for even one instant; not throwing objects to participants as this can cause them to lose control of the vehicle and cause an accident; not entering the tracks during the competition until the last car has passed; and keeping oneself 15 meters away from tracks in which vehicles reach high speeds.

Other measures to consider are to bring a first aid kit with medications and a flashlight with new batteries, use sunscreen to protect your skin, use a hat or sombrero, protect yourself correctly from the cold, and use a face mask in order to avoid being affected by excess of dust.

The Secretariat of Health encourages people to take the aforementioned prevention measures in order to avoid risking their life and enjoy races safely and without any setbacks.

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