Marina del Pilar helps Baja Californian women to obtain suitable properties

INDIVI delivered around 4,000 property deeds; 56% of them were given to women

Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, the governor of Baja California, shared that both her and the current state administration have as a purpose to guarantee the right to a suitable home for all women and Baja Californians in the region.

This is specially for women in a vulnerable condition, which is why half of the property deeds delivered during the first year of her administration by the Institute of Real Estate Development and Housing (INDIVI) were for women heads of family.

In the 65th edition of Wednesday Morning Press Conference with Marina del Pilar, the governor highlighted the creation of the State Housing Program, the only one in the country. With this program, 3,962 property deeds were delivered, alongside INDIVI, to families who for many years lacked judicial certainty regarding their properties. This number contrasts with the 3,144 deeds delivered during the first year of the administration in 2014 and the 2,283 deeds given in the first year of the last administration.

It should be noted that during the first 15 months of her administration, Governor Marina del Pilar has managed to resolve one third of the historic lag regarding regularization of housing matters.

In addition, she pointed out that out of these 4,000 people that had their properties regularized, more than half of them are women. Meanwhile, in previous years, women deed owners in Baja California, represented only 44% of this population group.

She highlighted that another issue that was detected of this analysis was the growth by a yearly 7% of irregular settlements, which is why her administration is moving forward to make possible the regularization of 34,733 lots in 2022. This has tripled the number obtained from 2015 to 2021 with the regularization of approximately 11,000 lots in Baja California.

Regarding agreements to regularize the ownership of land with governments and individuals, in this administration’s first year, this number tripled in comparison with the previous administration, as 45 agreements were reached.

As such, the head of INDIVI, Saúl Osnaya López, highlighted the intensive trust campaign promoted by Governor Marina Pilar which has allowed for an outreach and proper assistance for issues such as lack of grounds meant for social housing, which is why citizens handle their concerns directly with the proper agencies, which speed up the resolution of people’s requests.

In addition, the state official highlighted the accurate communication campaign carried out by the state government, which allows all Baja Californians to get properly informed on social media about the actions the government is taking to benefit them.

Marina del Pilar recognized that Ensenada is the municipality that pays its property deed debts more timely. In addition, she spoke about how the new challenges are in regards to urban planning for San Quintín and San Felipe as, since they are new municipalities, they don’t have the necessary analysis.

“In Baja California, families don’t live to work, but they live to live with dignity,” the governor emphasized, who reiterated that her administration is working by following the principles of the Fourth Transformation to guarantee that regularization and housing are not seen by officials and dealers as merchandise, but as a guarantee of the future and wellbeing for the development of the state.

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