Baja California

The truth about Baja according to Anthony Bourdain

The details of the Baja chapter in "No Reservations".

On the coast, Anthony Bourdain joined the party and tasted Chef Louis Tucker's smoked clams with cheese and brown sugar sauce. Bourdain kept getting surprised; do the people from Baja California have natural gourmet knowledge? Everything was good, the street food and restaurants, craft beer, and the wine was even better than the one in Napa Valley.

The episode ended with a narrative from Bourdain saying that if there was any justice, this new wave of chefs, cooks and musicians would give glory to Baja California.

To know the impression that Baja left on Anthony Bourdain, Bill Esparza and Kristin Diaz from "Street Gourmet LA" and "Life and Food" respectively, organized a gathering at "El Erizo" restaurant.

Both have spread the word in Southern California about the new cuisine that Baja now has, through their columns and blogs dedicated to this gastronomy in particular.

In addition to the pleasure caused by the recognition the local cuisine is getting, Kristin and Bill were optimistic that this is only part of the adventure, and that much more is coming.

Bill said: "Anthony Bourdain's "No-Reservations: Baja" showed just a fraction of the amazing food available in Baja California. The stops at some of the best street food stands and restaurants leave no doubt that Baja is a world-class dinning destination."

Kristin added : " It was amazing to see so many people excited to view Baja California and some of its gems on the big screen. There are so many places to see and experience, it was just a little taste to those who have yet to view it with their own eyes."

While the program was being broadcast, the tag "# noreservations" came over and over on Twitter talking about the goodness of the State, the food to try, and everything that the program showed, and some comments about places that Bourdain did not visited, a lot of wonderful things to experience and too little time, but above all, the feeling that those viewers will soon roam the streets of Baja California.

Original Text : Brenda Colón

Translation : Daniel Blanco



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