Tijuana is safe again

"We are living a time of peace we had not enjoyed in a long time" said Alberto Capella, Secretary of Public Safety in Tijuana.

Even the Tijuana Police recently received recognition from the San Diego authorities for their work in the capture of Armando Gabriel Perez, one of the most wanted killers in the County, who was arrested by the Tijuana Municipal Police in recent months.

This individual was wanted since 2010 for the murder of Diana Gonzalez, a student at City College, and was arrested after an operation in downtown Tijuana in mid-February.

In addition, Capella said that in the visit made by the Admiral of the U.S. Naval, Dixon R. Smith, they had an unofficial talk about removing the veto that Marines have to visit Tijuana; there's even a possibility to make an event for them within the Revolucion Avenue in the coming months.

"That was part of what was proposed informally, we talked about the possibility of a festival for the Marines here in Revolucion Avenue, I think that it will develop in the coming months," he said.

For a long time there was a talk about the possibility of creating a Metropolitan Tourist Police, a project that was supported by the Mayors of Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada in 2010.

Although the initiative has not materialized, the Secretary of Security said that the efforts are ongoing to ensure peace to all visitors who tour from Tijuana to the Ensenada port.

"We're not sitting back, we are creating our own scheme of tourist police, trying to modernize it, collaborating with the governments of Ensenada and Rosarito," said Capella Ibarra.

"The project has not materialized yet, but we will not wait, we'll be ready by the time it starts developing, but for now, we are doing our part," he said.


Original Text : Alexandra Mendoza

Translation : Daniel Blanco


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