Mexican President: US should change Gun Laws

"Aurora tragedy affects us all" : Felipe Calderón

MEXICO.- The President of Mexico, Felipe Calderón, affirmed that after Friday's morning killing at a movie theater in Colorado, the United States should reexamine its "mistaken" fire arm laws.

"Because of the tragedy in Aurora the United States Congress must reevaluate its mistaken laws regarding guns. It affects us all" Calderón posted on his Twitter account.

In another message the president expressed his "condolences to the US people for the Aurora tragedy in Colorado".

Through his messages, Calderón mentioned the incident occurred during last Friday's early morning at a movie theater in the city of Aurora, CO, where a man opened fire against attendees of the "The Dark Knight Rises" movie killing 12 people.

The alleged shooter -James Holmes, 24 years old- was detained and is scheduled to appear in court on Monday.

Calderón has made a number of calls to the US authorities asking them to reevaluate its laws regarding firearms sale so that the guns won't reach the hands of criminal organizations in Mexico.

Back in February 16 in Ciudad Juárez, the Mexican leader stated that the "unrestricted" selling of assault and high caliber weapons in the United States "has allowed access to rifles and machine guns to criminals as well as grenades and rocket launchers designed for the army's use during a war; criminals have not hesitated to use them against innocent and unarmed civilians".

This time he recalled that when he spoke before the United States Congress back in May of 2010, he expressed a deep respect for that country's Constitution and said he understood that the purpose of the Second Amendment was to "grant good people the ability to defend themselves, their families and their country".

But he added that the evidence clearly shows that "the majority of those guns do not go to the hands of honest citizens, but that they end up in the hands of heartless criminals".

After unveiling a banner that read "No more weapons!" in all caps over the international bridge that connects Ciudad Juárez, Mexico with El Paso, Texas, the Mexican president made a call to the United States' society to stop "the inhuman traffic of weapons" that feeds the firepower of criminal organizations in Mexico.

Translation: Karen B.


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