Egypt bans Youtube from the country

"The innocence of Muslims" video causes outrage

An Egyptian court banned access to YouTube for one month, after videos of "The innocence of Muslims" that have been posted in that network were considered as anti-Islamic.

Tawfiq Hassouna who serves as a judge in a court in the city of Cairo, found that the videos were offensive to Islam and the Prophet Muhammad, and decided that Youtube would be blocked in the nation.

After the short films were unveiled, there were riots in countries where people practice this religion, and several U.S. embassies were attacked and force the government to show that they had no connections with the film.

More than 50 people have died in riots that were caused by these short films

"The innocence of Muslims" came to light in September 2012, which prompted requests to Google, who owns Youtube, to remove the video, but the company only limited access in countries like Libya and Indonesia for violating its laws. Other nations such as Afghanistan and Iran banned immediate access to any website that showed these short films.

VIDEO: "The innocence of Muslims"



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