Tijuana residents celebrate pothole "Birthday"

Piñatas and balloons were part of the celebration

On Saturday, February 23, a group of young adults under the name of "Love Tijuana" celebrated the one year "Birthday" of a pothole located at the Via Rapida (Tijuana's Freeway) with balloons, banners, and even hats.

The giant pothole that was covered with water was celebrated with a party on a sunny day that first seemed like a joke, but instead it was something that was done to attract the City Council's attention, who all just pretend to be deaf to all the complaints that are made about things around the city that are in plain sight.

In the video that was shot on February 23, guests arrived with piñatas, a cake, gifts, and of course with a wish for this hole to be repaired as soon as possible, which just their "luck", Public Works personnel coincidently showed up moments after to repair the pothole.

As shown in the video, "an hour later" workers arrived who when questioned by one of the group memembers, the worker replied that the city had this repair already planned for today.

This kind of celebration is not new in many places around the world; several citizens in other countries like in Galicia, Spain, have done the similar celebrations as shown in the photo below.

In Carlota, Argentina, they also joined the celebration.

This is a good lesson, don't you all agree? Now how many more celebrations will it take for the council members from the City of Tijuana need in order to respond to these embarrassing public displays?

"Tijuana welcomes you with open potholes" seems to not be far from the truth.

VIDEO: Mega pothole birthday celebration




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