Baja California

Border Psycho Brewery: The rebel flavor of the border

Part of the craft beer production movement in Baja California

Fortunately, everything seems to be going very well, as their beers are not just a success locally, but also at an international and in the rest of the country as well. This 100% family owned business is increasingly being recognized everywhere and honestly, well deserved. Something I noticed during this visit is that when the Albarran brothers talk about their beer, you can notice the sincerity and confidence they have in what they do. These guys are really passionate about their beers.

In the list of Psycho Border beers you can find the following:

• Imperial Psycho Ale

Abbreviated IPA, this beer has a dark copper color, lots of foam and a strong smell of hops, flowers, toffee and caramel. It has a strong bitter taste but the sweet notes give it a sweet finish.

• Porter

A dark beer with a delicious smell of roasted malt, chocolate and coffee. In Robert's words, it is no big deal but it is a well-made beer. Great to sip on while just sitting around, talking and smoking a cigar.

• English Brown Ale

The "Brown" as its commonly known happens to be one of my favorites. It has great taste of coffee, chocolate and black fruits, with just the right bitterness at the end.

• La Perversa (The wicked one)

A double IPA, long hops but also a sweet taste at the end. This new addition to the list of the Border Psycho beers is a pleasant surprise to fans of the IPA. La Perversa beer without a doubt can compete against any of the Sierra Nevada IPA's.

• Brutal Imperial Stout

Like all stouts, this one also has a dark color, good lather and smells of coffee, chocolate and to my surprise, anise. This beer is delicious and soft and has a high alcoholic content that you can't even notice or sit. Definitely one of the strong cards of the Border Psycho Brewery.

• La Belgica Sicotica (The Belgian psycho)

A Black Saison. Wow, they definitively brought down the house with this one. This beer is the crown jewel of the Border Psycho Brewery. You simply just have to try this beer to begin to understand the complexity of its flavor. If you ever have opportunity to try it, don't think twice and just do it.

Psycho Border Brewery is part of a craft beer production movement in Baja California. Every day more and more places have begun to order their products, which are all excellent. On your next visit to Tijuana make sure to visit La Tasquita or the BCB Tasting Room and enjoy the new rebel flavor of the Border, a Border Psycho craft beer.



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