Quppi: A prepaid card for your money transfers to Mexico

Fast, safe, no fees and no monthly payments, a new way to send remittances

CALIFORNIA.- In recent years, transferring money to Mexico via remittances have been made more difficult due to the economic slowdown north of the border and overall overall problems with the processes, such as fees and unreliable providers for remittance services.

A new service seeks to solve these problems, through a prepaid card called Quippi, a simple way of sending money without worrying if your financial help will reach their friends and families.

The Quippi international purchasing card is currently available in Texas and California, and the only thing users have to do is buy a card, which can be worth 20,50 or even 100 dollars each, and then get in touch with loved ones in Mexico in order to give them the card's PIN. That number is all users back in Mexico need to purchase goods in Coppel and Chedraui stores.

Quippi has been on the market since November 5th 2013, and in just a month has grown in popularity thanks to the ease with which you can transfer wealth across borders.

Cards can be acquired in 7-Eleven and ACE Cash stores in California and Texas,through the official site or from independent vendors offering prepaid products.

"Millions of working persons in the U.S. support their families in the native country, but costs them too much", said Michael Aleles, founder and general director of Quippi. "Quippi, the first ever International Purchasing Card on the market, was created in order to offer a better service that allows consumers to aid their families abroad without having to pay for additional fees or having to wait. It is exciting to see the amount of money we can help save our consumers."

It is hoped that in the near future, Quippi can increase the amount of allies in Mexico, so as to offer a more complete service. The service's main strengths are:

No fees – no commissions, no hidden fees, for the buyer in the U.S. or for the recipient in Mexico.

Easy to purchase – consumers have only to provide their name and a valid email when purchasing a Quippicard.

Fast and safe to cash-in – since transactions are made in real-time, beneficiaries in Mexico can go shopping as soon as they receive their Quippi PIN code from their loved ones in the U.S.

Convenient– Quippi cards can be sued for thousands of products from participating stores in Mexico. Moreover, PIN codes from Quippi never expire, and the buyer can easily verify the status of their purchased cards on

VIDEO: What is Quippi?

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