The "forced disappearance" of #YaMeCanse and its comeback

Alleged sabotage is explained

MEXICO.- What happened to the trend #YaMeCanse? After 26 days as a Trending Topic (TT) in social media, hashtag #YaMeCanse went rogue without further explanation. From occupying one of the top posts, in a blink of an eye it was forgotten, but not without going through the top 10 mentions that are registered every day at every hour.

Because it was a trend with over 4 million mentions, that also, continued to register thousands of references, its sudden absence raised suspicion among those who periodically used the hashtag with the purpose of communicating the news in social media regarding the Ayotzinapa case.

Would it be too paranoid to suspect that the disappearance of #YaMeCanse is the result of a State plan to silence public opinion? After all that has occurred in recent events, it wouldn't be surprising if Mexicans assumed the worst case scenario:

But, how could the state actually intervene when it comes to listing trending topics on Twitter? And through non manageable algorithms?

It's not that the PRI party or the President's National Strategy Coordination agency delete tweets. Videos that roams different internet platforms have strived in explaining how non-existent user "infiltrations" work, which by using the same hashtag (in this case #YaMeCanse) create the elimination of trends so fast that is detected as spam.

According to this hypothesis, the government would have used its famous 'bots' to increase the activity of the hashtag through fake profiles.

A video on the YouTube channel LoQueSigueTV, graphically explains this alleged attack of 50 thousand bots that would have ended up swiping the hashtag in the same abrupt manner it was created:


Nonetheless, we can't rule out that the bots attack may come from other spam sources that simple decide to take advantage of the hashtag to promote their web pages, products or services:

A new networking strategy and YaMeCanse2 is born

#YaMeCanse2 was born in that context. As a resistance exercise to demonstrate that one idea cannot be repressed. And because of it, it will keep changing every day with a new hashtag; YaMeCanse3, YaMeCanse4, YaMeCanse5, and so on until it reaches number 43 in memory of those who disappeared from Ayotzinapa.

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