Thousands of lobsters wash up on Tijuana beach, most die

Fourth time in less than a month that marine fauna is left for dead in local beaches

TIJUANA.- City police, firemen and lifeguards noticed a large amount of lobsters washing up onshore since last night, between the La Perla and El Vigía residential areas in Playas de Tijuana, and the sight since early morning was both bizarre, shocking and worrisome.

According to Uniensenada, the Tijuana municipal police and the lifeguard office called on citizens, mainly those living near the area, to help clean and maybe even save some of the lobsters, helping them back to the ocean.

Foto: Twitter @Tijuanense, @El Frontera y @Jose Ibarra Amador - See more at:
Foto: Twitter @Tijuanense, @El Frontera y @Jose Ibarra Amador - See more at:

Those who want to help: grab a bucket, check which ones are alive, and if they are, use the bucket to get them in the sea again.

The actual name for the species is Panulirus interruptus, or the California spiny lobster (langostilla roja in Spanish), a staple of Baja cuisine and a favorite for human consumption in the local market, which is why authorities will also be in place so that some people don't try and grab them for dinner, especially since local environmental authorities still don't know the cause of the mass beaching, if it's due to pollution, bacteria or other toxic causes.

This is the fourth time in less than a month that practically all manner of marine fauna has been found in local beaches, from a gray whale two weeks ago, a sea lion, and just las week, thousands of jelly fish:

Local authorities said they are not equipped to correctly determined what caused the lobsters to wash up onshore or if the incident is linked to the others of wildlife left stranded. They will need help from local research institutions like CICESE or the Baja state university campus in Ensenada.

Photo: Ayuntamiento de Tijuana y Twitter @Jose Ibarra Amador


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