Mexican Company Develops Promising Wi-Fi Substitute

Li-Fi is now a reality

It's no surprise that technology is always innovating, and a new way of transmitting data has arrived in order to revolutionize how we stay connected.

Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) a system developed by Sisoft México, is able to process 10,000 more information than current Wi-Fi, This proposal is able to transmit in a second, the equivalent of 13.3 years of transferring high definition videos.

Andre Possani, scholar at ITAM, mentions that Li-Fi is more private and safer. Possani helped develop Li-Fi's hardware which unlike Wi-Fi, this technology does not go through walls.

Sisoft is the first company to launch data transmission through light. Arturo Campos, Sisoft's

founder and director, assures that the implementation of Li-Fi will reduce cable expenses inside offices.

Currently Li-Fi is being sold to the tourism sector and to a city in the state if Veracruz. There are now 300 clients that have purchased audiovisual data lamps.

The real challenge to take upon is to make to users adapt or accept this new way of 'surfing the Net'. Sisoft is negotiating the possible sell of this technology with hotel chains and some government dependencies.

Source: El Debate

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