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  • 10 new patrol cars were delivered to the Municipal Police of San Felipe

  • The governor of Baja California is cooperating to resolve incidents in San Felipe

  • Like in all previous editions, $250,000 pesos will be awarded in cash and sport fishing equipment

  • San Felipe received more than 80,000 tourists during the Holy Week vacation period

  • This deal doesn’t include the Airport Usage Fee (TUA)

  • The Netflix documentary shows a variety of taquerias around the United States, and has positioned...

  • These violent events occurred on Tuesday night and resulted in two deaths; the culprits haven’t...

  • The government of Baja California, led by Governor Marina del Pilar, opened a runway in San...

  • Facilities were restored and equipped thanks to an investment of over 1 million pesos

  • The administration also carried out the Covid-19 vaccination rollout for those over 30

  • This will help the Sea of Cortez maritime corridor expand

  • They are completely acknowledged as the seventh municipality of Baja California as of this...

  • Cases at both the national and state levels have been gradually decreasing

  • In the citizen consultation held last Sunday, the people of San Felipe voted in favor of being an...

  • After this week there will be news about the measures and actions that will be taken in the entity.

  • Mexicali remains the most affected municipality in the state after adding new cases every day

  • Tijuana is the entity that registers more new cases of coronavirus

  • Mexicali is the municipality with the most affected neighborhoods

  • This area located in Mexicali has the least number of infections, deaths and active cases,...

  • Here it is, the official reactivation that all Baja Californian natives have been waiting for