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  • It provides a window to the past and the artistic expressions of the first inhabitants of the region

  • The state governor will be in charge of monitoring the progress of the CEJUM facilities that will...

  • The governor will address the needs of the population

  • With support from the federal government, it is planned for the new alma mater of Baja California...

  • The governor will carry out actions to improve the lives of families in this municipality

  • Its fishing tournaments are renowned in the region

  • With a pledge to safeguard families’ safety, the “Violet Squad” project is launched

  • Cases at both the national and state levels have been gradually decreasing

  • After this week there will be news about the measures and actions that will be taken in the entity.

  • Tijuana is the entity that registers more new cases of coronavirus

  • Mexicali is the municipality with the most affected neighborhoods

  • Here it is, the official reactivation that all Baja Californian natives have been waiting for