Sport fishing in San Quintin attracts tourism to Baja California: Baja Window to the South

Its fishing tournaments are renowned in the region

Photo by: Cortesía

Baja Window to the South has arrived in American users’ screens to let them know about activities, places, tips, restaurants, history, and even recommendations about Baja California. One of their segments, Baja Do’s & Don’ts is here to simplify this important information for those who are visiting the state.

In the Do’s of this week, hosts Scott Koenig and Olga Sánchez de la Vega recommended visiting Bahía San Quintin (San Quintin Bay) located approximately four to five hours by car south of the border. This area is visited due to its sport fishing and its tournaments. One can also visit in certain times of the year to watch beautiful marine animals such as gray whales, dolphins, and sea lions.

In the Don’ts of this week, American travelers are advised that if they are planning trips far away from the border, they need to make sure that the amount of fuel they have is enough for their travels. This is because gas stations in this region are found at very long distances between each other.

Another thing is that these gas stations tend to run out of fuel or diesel and the only way to get more is to wait for a truck to come and unload their required supply. Another advice is that you carry a small amount of gas in a special container inside of your car and that, before going on a trip, to locate all the gas stations you will find in your trip so that you know where they are in case you need it.

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