Marina del Pilar guarantees water and a higher budget for San Quintin

The governor will carry out actions to improve the lives of families in this municipality

Led by the first Corazón por Delante Campaign of 2023 in San Quintin, the governor of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, guaranteed a higher budget to improve the lives of families in this municipality.

In her speech to the society of San Quintin, Marina del Pilar highlighted that the year that begins represents great progress for the sixth municipality of Baja California with important projects to provide water services to all communities that live here.

“We are carrying out a financial plan so that, in the next five years, all Baja Californian regions have enough water supply, mainly for domestic use, agricultural use in regions such as San Quintin, industrial use, and commercial use,” she explained.

Marina del Pilar stated that aid for vulnerable groups will continue to increase and gave as an example the universality of benefits with people with disability, as well as the joint efforts with the government of Mexico to provide support for seniors.

Regarding infrastructure projects, the governor spoke about the beginning of the construction of the pedestrian bridge which had been requested for years by parents, as well as the substantial restoration of the Lázaro Cárdenas sports complex, widely used by the community.

As part of her campaign, the Secretary of Wellbeing delivered Violet Cards to the heads of families, fuel vouchers, blankets, basic baskets, and aid from the program to benefit seniors; meanwhile DIF Baja California delivered provisions, offered food guidance, and assistance to all families.

Through the Secretariat of Health, wheelchairs and walkers were delivered, while the Secretariat of Education delivered computers to San Quintin students. The Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development of Baja California (SADER BC) offered trees to strengthen green area programs that are being promoted in the municipality.

At this event the following people were present: President of the Foundational Council of San Quintin, Jorge Alberto López Peralta; the Secretary of Wellbeing of Baja California, Netzahualcóyotl Jáuregui Santillán; beneficiaries Eva Luz Solano and Baldomero Galindo, among other members of the state cabinet.


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